Monday, November 16, 2009

Staff Meeting

Friday's meeting provided me with some great feedback from the staff at the clinic. We discussed the ideas of the cart, the auction of medical services, revitalizing the thrift store through an art show, and the drawing of the insurance options.

I heard back from the Silverlake Art and Vintage Market, which is located across from the weekly market. They were interested, but said they were already too busy to allocate anytime into participating. However, they did say that it may be possible for them to contribute to an art show at the thrift store in February. So this is something to follow-up on. In the meantime, I'm working on gathering some artists from my neighborhood to contribute to an art show at the thrift store.

I realized that collaborating with the thrift store will actually be a more beneficial collaboration, due to the clinic's lack of time to participate. The store has asked me to paint their sign, as they are updating the store, and are more willing to participate in change. We have a meeting planned for Friday to discuss some options.

I am still waiting to hear back about the possibility of the clinic becoming a drop off center for weekly produce boxes. I'll be calling South Central Farmers this afternoon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Calendar Up!

As a way to keep up on all of the events we are all planning for the exhibition at 18th Street Studios, we decided that a public calendar would be best. Here there will be numerous events that artists are arranging, including panel discussions, workshops and more.

Check back from time to time to see events, or follow the link here:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 5 Collaboration

This week is off to a good start. Today is Monday, and I've learned that is the best time to get in touch with people at the clinic. We have schedule a time on Friday that I am going in to talk to the staff about my projects, and hopefully get feedback. I'll also be going to the thrift store to talk with the store manager about the possibility of an art show at the store during their annual holiday event on December 11.

I feel that this collaboration is back on track, and has a chance at working. The mid-project review is in 2 weeks and there is lots to do.

Cart Update

Above are some pictures of the cart in process. I made some calculations errors and forgot to account for the 6" of the wheels and base, thus the cart is a little tall - kind of more like a desk. I've asked a few people what they think and everyone seems to say that it is fine, but I'm still considering cutting 5" down to mimic cart proportions more accurately. This would involve a lot of extra labor, and I'm trying to decide how quickly I want this piece out there. It would be great to take it out to the gallery walk on Thursday downtown, but there's always next month.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


On Saturday I attended a lecture about health insurance. This was especially exciting because I am in the works on developing a diagram of the California Health Insurance Structure. I initially wanted to create a diagram to depict the entire health care system, but soon realized how vast and complicated that structure must be, so I decided to start regional. This will also hopefully be a great tool for my organization, that I will be able to leave behind.

The image above is a possible diagram format that I am considering using. Its called a Network Diagram.

The different sources of health care I have identified are the following:

Employer Plan
--Cal Choice
--Assembly Bill 1672


Private Plan
--Individual Plan
--Family Plan

Government Plans (state and federal)
--Major Risk Medical Program

Association Plans / Indemnity plans
--Hospitalization Plans
--Accident Plans

Long Term Care

If you know of others that I have left out please list in comments below, or email me. Thank you.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 4 of Collaboration

Week four of collaboration didn't involve any active collaborating. I emailed, called and stopped by the office to try to reach the director with no success. I planing to stop by the clinic again on Monday, and if there is no resolution I will be talking to my professors, more seriously about this.