Thursday, February 11, 2010

Talking about the Work

During the opening of the Love in a Cemetery exhibition I met the president of Common Ground and some of the staff. They told me that they were planning a reception at the gallery in the groups weeks, and was interested to know if I would like to join them, along with the curator of the show and another artist, to speak about my work and the show. Not exactly sure at the moment what they were interested in (given the excitement of the evening) I enthusiastically agreed. Over the next week we were able to catch up over email and was able to learn more about their great organization, and what the event was about.

On Saturday Feb. 6 I joined them for their event and spoke about my artwork in front of 50+ people in the gallery. Not exactly sure how it would go, and slightly nervous, talking about the work was actually really fun and stimulating. It was particularly nice to have the artwork there while speaking, and the audience ended up asking a lot of questions about the work and were really engaged. After I addressed the group several people came up to me over the next hour with questions and comments about the work. It was one of the most rewarding parts of creating the work.